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Floor Water Damage Phoenix

Flood Damage: How Can You Tell If Your Wood Floor Requires Restoration?

Flood-damaged living room.

Flood-damaged living room.

Hardwood floors are very popular and people who have them typically put a lot of value on them. A wood floor not only adds increased value to your home but is also very attractive. Hardwood floors, however, can be damaged by the intrusion of flood waters. Wood is highly susceptible to water damage, which means your hardwood floors can be easily destroyed if a flooding occurs.

Water damaged wood has certain obvious and telltale signs that you can easily see. First of all, the wood will be altered in shape and will swell. If your bathroom has a wood door, you may have noticed some changes. Your bathroom door may be difficult to close because the wood is swollen. That is the tangible evidence of wood that has suffered from water damage.

You may be asking yourself why wood is so susceptible to water. The simplest answer is because trees thrive on moisture to survive. If you keep a tree from getting any water, then it will die. When trees are harvested for lumber, the wood is allowed to dry out and the wood shrinks as water is drawn out and it becomes more and more dehydrated. If you then allow the wood to absorb any moisture--I am sure you can figure out the result. It swells as the dessicated fibers absorb the moisture. If wood is consistently exposed to moisture or water, then it may split, crack or buckle.

You can easily avoid water damage to your beloved wood floors. You should immediately clean up water and dry the wood should it become wet. If you discover that there is extensive damage--maybe caused by a flood or a burst pipe--it may require far more extensive, and possibly professional, care.

A fan or dehumidifier can be used to help dry out the area. Be mindful that you may have to dry the area under the floor. Luckily, you can seek aid to help address your water damage issues by contacting a restoration company. These professionals have the knowledge to restore the damage done to your wood floors the right way the first time.

Drying the floor is only the first step, because after that is completed there are other steps that need to be taken. For instance, the floor may have to be refilled, refinished, and resealed. One can hope that the wood itself will not have to be completely replaced or replaced in certain areas. A professional who specializes in restoration can tell you what your wood floor will need to look good as new.

It is erroneous to assume that drying out the affected area will fix the problem. This is not effective because you need to ensure that all water is removed from the area, underneath as well as on top, if you wish to eliminate the problem. If the cleanup and drying out process is not done properly, the problem could become much larger and eventually cost much more to repair. It will also be much harder to salvage the materials that have been effected.

You should contact a professional that specializes in the restoration of hardwood floors that have suffered water damage.

A floor that has suffered extensive water damage requires the expertise and skill that only a specialist can provide. Save yourself the headache and have a water damage specialist restore your wood floor. Why undertake a task that you have no experience in when a professional can do it properly? If you want more information about floors that suffer water damage, don't hesitate to contact us. Trust us, we can easily return your floor to it's original glory.

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