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Flood Damage Phoenix

How To Stop Your Pipes From Bursting And Causing Flood Damage

Flood-damaged living room.

Flood-damaged living room.

One of the worst things you can experience in your home is an unexpected flood of water. Whether on a small or large scale, the result can be the destruction of personal possessions and even building materials. Thousands of dollars in damage can be created by a flood in your home. You also have to worry about your home being taken over by mold after a flood. Prevention is the best way to protect your home from flooding.

One of the most common sources for a home flooding is the pipes bursting. If you routinely inspect and properly maintain the pipes in your home, you can prevent a flood from occurring in the first place. Damage done from increased water pressure or erosion can contribute to this problem. Also, pipes can break when the temperature freezes.

What is the reason that extremely cold temperatures can cause pipes to burst?


When water freezes it expands. Think about putting a can of soda in the freezer, and not remembering that is there. What happened to the can of soda? Your soda can maybe grew to an enormous size. You were lucky if that is all that happened to your can. In most cases, the soda can will explode all over the freezer.

This reaction took place due to the fact that the liquid in the soda can froze and expanded. This is the exact same thing that can occur with pipes. You can also have a back up of water behind the ice blockage. This will cause your pipes to burst in the same fashion as the soda can did.

The key to this is prevention.

In homes that are built today, the pipes are covered over with insulation so that they will not freeze and burst. If there are parts of the pipes that are not insulated, they can still burst from the freezing temperatures. A lot of older homes without insulation are prone to bursting pipes. Covering your pipes with a good insulation will help to prevent the pipes from freezing.

You can use a wrap style insulation on all of your pipes to reduce their vulnerability tremendously. The wrap pipe insulation is a foam tube that fits around the pipes. Pipes that are not exposed and are located inside the walls should be covered with a fiberglass insulation.

Hire a professional to do the job.

It is extremely important to put insulation on your pipes, but the job may not be something you can handle yourself. You can do more damage by doing the job yourself and not hiring a professional, which will result in spending more to have repairs done and then have the pipes re wrapped the correct way.

It is our job to tell you what needs to be done with your pipes to provide the best protection possible. You can feel confident that we have been trained and have the right equipment to provide the best protection to the pipes in your home. Call us now to set up an appointment and eliminate the chances of your home falling victim to flooding as the result of a pipe bursting. You will be thankful that you did.

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