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Water Damage Phoenix

How To Repair The Damage From Water, Within Your Home

Water damage is a common fear all homeowners have. Once you have been infiltrated with water, time is of the essence to fix the problem. Otherwise, you could be faced with some major water restoration costs and health problems. Whether the issue is a small dripping faucet, a line behind your refrigerator, or a busted water pipe, I will address some ways to detect if you have an issue and how to quickly recover to keep the amount of water damage as minimal as possible.

Sometimes the small leaks are the most dangerous. A leak could be under your house or in a pipeline you do not see, such as behind your refrigerator. Before you even know that you have a leak present, you have a major water restoration issue on your hands. One way to detect if you have any unknown leaks is to not use any water for one hour. Do not flush the toilet, run the sink, or do anything else with water. Take a reading of your water meter in the beginning of the hour and then at the end of the hour. If it has changed, you know you have a leak somewhere.

A much larger leak could occur as a result of an instance such as you undoing the wrong pipe when handling repair work on the pipes under your sink. Because things like this can happen, you should know where the water shut off valve is in your home. The quicker you can get the valve turned off, the less damage you will be vulnerable to. In a situation such as this, you do not want to be wasting valuable time fumbling around your house trying to locate the valve when the situation is dire. Water damage Mesa, AZ is something we can help with too.

Once the water damage has occurred, it needs to be fixed quickly before you have a mold issue. If drywall has gotten wet, most likely it will need to be removed and replaced with a new section. Many times you will not have to replace an entire wall, just the part that has suffered damage. If paint is starting to peel, use a scraper and remove all of the old paint, making sure the surface is dry before you begin to repaint the area.

wet carpet phoenix az

This room has had a water leak.

Another sign of previous water damage is brown stains on the walls (usually on ceilings from roof leaks). This can be painted over but should be sealed first. If you do not seal the area, the stains will seep through the new paint in a matter of time. The process I would recommend taking is to first wash the affected area with a cleaning agent. Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is recommended. When washing the area, do your best not to "soak" the spot. After it has dried for a few days seal the area with a stain-blocker product/sealant. Once this has dried, you are ready to paint over the area to match it with the colors in your house.

The water restoration process isn't easy and can be quite tedious but it is well worth the time to ensure the quality of your home and the health of your family. If water damage is ignored or not dealt with in a timely manner, be prepared for a whole slew of problems.

phoenix water damage restoration

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