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Toxic Mold Phoenix

The Dangers of Toxic Mold

Flood-damaged living room.

Flood-damaged living room.

Common mold comes in upwards of ten thousand different varieties. The majority, like those used in the dairy foods industry, are not harmful to humans. There are others, however, that aren't nearly as appetizing. Some types are harmful, posing dangerous health risks to people.

Dangers of Mold.

Molds can exist nearly anywhere. Food, organic matter, and most of the earth harbor it. Mold produces spores which travel by air, spreading from place to place and growing where they land. Normally, this is simply a part of nature, but it becomes problematic when spores generate mycotoxin.

This is the compound that sickens animals and humans. Outdoors, this does not present a serious risk as it is diffused into the environment. But mold can also produce toxins inside, in many areas of the home.

Toxins can have devastating affects to human respiratory, immune, and nervous systems. Skin and gastric symptoms are also common. The developing immune systems of children are particularly at risk since they lack the defenses of mature systems.

The following is a short list of symptoms.

dermatitis (rash)

head and neck pain

stomach pain


skin lesions



pulmonary distress

How Safe Is Your Home?

Your home protects you and your family. You should be confidant that you are safe within it's walls at all times. Unfortunately, no security system exists that can prevent the growth of toxic mold indoors.

Indoor environments can be ideal for mold growth. The home contains many spaces which are dark and moist, perfect for mold. Though most often found in basements, toxic mold spores can, nevertheless, spread into other locations like the kitchen and bathrooms.

Mold may be present within the house if:

There are strange, stale or musty smells that you cannot locate. There is visible mold on bathroom fixtures, walls or other areas. Your family suddenly develops mysterious physical symptoms which worsen while in the home.

Farewell to Mold.

We already know that most mold is not a hazard. Mildew on your tub most likely will not hurt you. Mold that grows after household flooding is more likely to be toxic. Removing it is dangerous as you could become exposed to airborne toxic spores when the growth is disturbed.

It can be extremely difficult to contain the toxic mold spores that may occupy the inside home environment. A trained mold remediation specialist is needed when toxic mold becomes a household issue. Our expertise in these situations will work for you to rid your home of the dangers of mold. Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can help you make your home safe again.


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