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Mold Inspection Phoenix

Household Mold: What Homeowners Need To Know

Flood-damaged living room.

Flood-damaged living room.

Mold can grow virtually anywhere. One place you don't want it, however, is in your home. Unfortunately, molds constitute some of the most dangerous threats to your health. Toxic mold, or black mold, is responsible for such symptoms as fatigue, asthma, rashes, headaches and other health problems. Mold is especially dangerous to people whose immune systems are compromised in some way.

If you think mold is present in you home, you need to contact a mold expert. There are some things to keep in mind.

Household Mold Checklist.

First, is any member of your family suffering from any chronic symptoms? Do they complain of sinus pain, asthma, unexplained rashes, psoriasis, or constant fatigue? Do they experience nausea, vomiting or head pain? Are there more serious conditions like GI bleeding, cancers, liver failure or infertility?

The presence of toxic mold in your home could be responsible for their illness. Illness is not always indicative of a mold infestation. But people who are in contact with mold often develop those symptoms over time.

Secondly, is your house surrounded closely by plants, shaded by trees or shrubbery? Plant matter attracts molds which feed on it. Abundant flora can support a lot of mold. Even mold that is produced outdoors can infest your home through spores that become airborne and travel inside. Mold is killed by sunlight, so shady homes are more prone to developing a mold problem.

Thirdly, check your walls and ceilings for signs of moisture damage or excess water. Leaks often produce water stains on the walls. The leaks keep the walls wet, which in turn provides a good environment for mold.

Fourthly, locate a specialist certified in mold removal.

Mold infestation must be confirmed by a complete examination of your home, both inside and out. A specialist will be familiar with the totality of toxic molds. This is essential to identifying the type of mold, and estimating the risk to your family.

They will conduct tests for humidity, water damage, leaks and other conditions which could support toxic mold formation. They will take air samples to look for mold spores. Testing will take some time to determine the toxicity levels present in your home.

Do not try to get rid of any mold by yourself. For your safety's sake, locate a company that specializes in mold removal. For more information, call our number and let us help you eliminate your problem.


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