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Black Mold Phoenix

Flood-damaged living room.

Flood-damaged living room.

There's nothing worse for your house, apartment, or living area than black mold. It can cause water damage and damages to your building that are expensive to treat or replace. Black mold can also cause serious health issues. The Mayo Clinic has shown that virtually all chronic sinus infections in the United States are caused by black mold and other types of mold as well.

What is black mold and how is it different than other molds? The color of mold simply delineates what type of mold it is. Of course, there are many types of mold and while they are different in appearance, they are all fundamentally similiar. Black mold is, for all intents and purposes, no different than any other kind of mold you might find inside of a building. If anything, black mold tends to be the most commonly found mold in the United States.

The key to preventing black mold from settling into spore colonies or expanding is limiting and preventing moisture. This strategy has also been touted by the E.P.A. and the National Association of Home Builders. A dehumidifier purchased at your local hardware store would go a long way in protecting your home from black mold. Keeping the relative humidity under 55% is key. Many homeowners find that purchasing humidity sensors for each room (especially the bathrooms) are helpful and relatively inexpensive: most cost between $20 and $30.

The other necessary method for prevention of black mold growth is eliminating any water leakage or intrusion. This usually occurs through leaks in pipes, water mains and drain pipes. If you hear water running when no water or appliances (such as dishwashers) are on, this could be a sign that some pipes are leaking.

Once you have identified black mold, it can be difficult and expensive to clean up. The first step is to eliminate the factor that lead to the black mold in the first place. It may require reducing the humidity or sealing rusted pipes. After that, any non-porous materials can typically be cleaned. Porous materials generally need to be replaced, especially if there is visible damage to the material. Cleaning black mold generally requires only a disinfectant soap. Scrub and remove all black mold and then allow the area to dry completely. If the surface is not dry, spores may re-emerge. All surfaces should be visibly free of any black mold and completely dry before you can safely assume that it is gone.

Black mold can cause illness, structural damage and depreciation to a home's value. However, simple steps such as routinely checking pipes for damage and monitoring the relative humidity of various rooms can help prevent black mold from ever invading your home.

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