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Smoke Damage Phoenix

Learn 5 Ways To Deal With Smoke Damage

Flood-damaged living room.

Flood-damaged living room.

A fire is one of the worst events that all home owners dread. Once the fire is put out, you have to decide how to deal with all of the damage that your home has sustained and get you house back to a livable state again. Smoke damage can be almost as devastating as the fire itself. Contacting a professional restoration company is the easiest and most effective way to get your home clean and the damage repaired. This allows you to place the burden of all that needs to be done on the shoulders of an experienced technician. There are several things you can do yourself to make things go easier, even if you decide to hire a smoke restoration company.

You need to throw away all food that was in open packages during the fire. The smoke and soot from the fire can ruin anything and everything it touches. Keep in mind that many of the items the fire touched could release toxic fumes. This makes any food that was exposed to the fire and smoke during your house fire unsafe to eat.

You will also want to open windows. This will allow any lingering smoke that may still be present to escape your house. You will still smell the smoke for several days, but any smoke that was still in the home will dissipate through the open windows quicker than it would if the windows were closed.

Determine if it is safe to use anything that requires electricity. After a fire has ravaged your home, it is usually not safe to plug in anything electronic. This is true even if the fire was limited to one room of the house. The wires that run through the wall of that room to other rooms could have been damaged. Unless you have had your home inspected by an electrician, there is no way to know if your wiring is safe or not.

Be sure to dry or throw out any wet rugs as soon as possible. Wet rugs are a wonderful breeding ground for fungi like mold and mildew. The rug will also begin to have a very bad smell if it is allowed to stay wet for an extended period of time. Plus, the longer you leave a wet rug on the floor, the higher the chances are that it will damage the flooring underneath.

You will need to have any curtains or upholstery in the effected areas cleaned by a professional restoration company that is experienced in cleaning items damaged by smoke. Many general cleaning services do not know how to remove the stains from the soot or smoke, and they may not even have the proper equipment to do so.

What is the benefit of letting a professional deal with the smoke damage?

Simply put, using a company that is experienced in fire and flood restoration will make your life easier. These professionals are trained in dealing with any and all types of smoke damage. They will know exactly how to clean your walls, floors, and carpet. Yes, you could do this yourself, but, believe it or not, you still save time, money, and worries by hiring a professional to do the job for you.

Not only will they clean the surface areas, they will also clean the air within your home. There are many times that an air freshener or open window are not enough to remove the presence of smoke from your air. Most professional smoke removal companies have all of the tools, including cleaning products, that will easily remove any smoke odor from the air in your home.

Smoke damage causing chaos in your life? We have the solution, contact us today!


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