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Fire and Water Restoration Phoenix

Why is it important to plan for fire and water restoration?

Flood-damaged living room.

Flood-damaged living room.

To see your house on fire can be a traumatizing experience. Imagine the horror of seeing your home enveloped by flames! Just putting out the fire isn't the end of the trauma. It's true that water is a power aid in quelling flames, however, the water (and it's force) can also cause damage to the contents of your home. In fact, once a fire has been contained and snuffed, you not only have to deal with fire damage, but also some destruction from the water as well. If you have thus suffered, you can turn to fire and water restoration services to bring your home back to like new condition.

Firefighters use a powerful water hose to fight fire. This force not only serves to extinguish the fire, but also leaves unexpected destruction in it's path. Often carpets may get soggy and floors will be smothered with soot and ash. It's not uncommon to see water seeping down your walls from the ceilings. Thus, not only is fire a hazard in itself, it brings with it the prospect of water damage.

If you would like to re-inhabit your home following the fire, you must first ensure that the structure is sound and the interior has been restored to a healthy atmosphere. A professional fire and water restoration company will help you bring your home to a condition that will not pose any threats to your health safety. It is quite possible that your restored home actually feels like a brand new home when the work has been completed.

Damage caused by water.

Damage caused by water is not considered a serious problem by most. However, clean or not, water can pose serious threats to the physical structure and interiors of your home. Of course, those who have been victims of a flood or house fire are aware of the aftermath. It's crucial that a home is dried without any delay in order to avoid mold setting in.

Mold grows with great gusto where there is dampness and humidity. Any damp or humid setting is fair growing terrain. In fact, mold and its adverse effects on people's health have meant that families have had to evacuate moldy homes alltogether. Mold can inflict many deep and long-lasting health issues on humans.

Beware of toxic mold. If you live with toxic mold in your immediate environment, you can develop serious conditions that include bleeding of the lungs, cancer, or reduced immunity.

As it is, damage caused by water can be ugly and can induce rot that compromises the safety of your home. The water that has soaked in weighs down on the frame of the house, and the roof and walls may begin to collapse inward. Your house could give in from the stress at any time.

Damage caused by fire.

Fire leaves a clear trail of destruction in it's wake. A house fire is undoubtedly traumatic, but the soot and ash left behind keep stirring images of the tragedy. All that you are left with is destroyed memories and a house reduced to ashes. At that moment, it may seem like a hopeless situation, but all is not lost.

You can turn to a restoration specialist to restore your home and memories. Dirty walls can be refinished and repainted. The stench of burned objects can be eliminated with deodorizers, and the charred remains of your home's interior can be washed out. It may be hard to believe, but a restoration specialist can work wonders on your fire-damaged home.

Don't assume that it's impossible to get your house back to the way it was before the tragedy. Employ the services of a professional fire and water restoration specialist as soon as you can. Of course, the trauma of dealing with a fire in your home can be a life long struggle. However, a restoration specialist can help you rebuild your dreams. If you would like to know more about restoration services for fire- and water- damaged homes, get in touch with us now. You will be glad that you did.


Phoenix fire water damage restoration

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