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Restoration Services

  • Water Damage Removal
  • Mold Remediation & Detection
  • Carpet Restoration
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

What We Do?

We basically just whip into action when you call us. Taking care of your home & family is the most important thing on your list right now & we have the people and the training to the do the job right.

  • We’ll work with the insurance company to get your situation the best deal.
  • We’ll get people right out to your home & get a bead on your situation.
  • We’ll talk openly & honestly about what we see & how it works.
  • Help you learn to speak the language the insurance company likes to hear.

Why You Care?

We uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to restore your home or businesses. When we can work together with you efficiently and professionally, your property gets taken care of the way you need it to AND you can get back to your daily life again. Whew!

One of the reasons we use state of the art equipment is because it’s faster and better quality than a lot other restoration companies out there. This helps you because we can often get the job done quicker and/or better. Getting you back on track sooner than later is so important to you and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.

What To Do To Cleanup Your Water Damage

Stress of Water Damage


Few things will ever prove to be as stressful to a home owner as experiencing water damage in their own house.

Worrying about getting your family to safety will slowly turn into worries of your home experiencing extreme structural damage and the possibility of loosing personal items that hold a large value to you, whether financially or sentimentally.

Once you have began to process what has taken place and what might be considered a loss, you are faced with the financial burden that comes immediately afterwards.

This type of stress effects thousands of home owners every year and can end in disaster quite easily.

Know Your Enemy

Water damage takes place in many forms. The following can determine the amount of damage your home may endure:

  • The source of the water intrusion
  • How much water has come into your home
  • How long the water has been present

It cannot be stressed enough that the effects of water should not be taken lightly. Water has the ability to begin a deterioration process almost immediately with several different types of materials it may come in contact with. Water is also one of the leading contributing factors to homes experiencing foundation issues over the years.

Whether inside or out, if water has an opportunity to pay your home a visit and linger for any period of time, you may be in for a tough time ahead dealing with water damage that has taken place as a result.

Response is the Answer

Just like with most all other emergencies, it is important to respond immediately following the discovery of a water related issue. You better believe that when unwanted water has found it’s way into your home, there is not a minute to spare.

While your insurance company will take on most of the financial responsibility, and contractors will assess and address the cleanup and repairs, you are the one that makes the biggest difference. It is you that is ultimately responsible for stopping the problem from progressing because it is you that is acting in response to the issue first.

Do not hesitate in doing what you can right away to stop the effects that water can have on your home.

Steps in Addressing the Danger

Addressing the problem properly is just as important as doing so quickly. Regardless of how fast you can get water out of your home and get the restoration process started, it will be ineffective if you do not go about this the right way the first time. using the correct steps and in the correct order.

Because so many different types of materials are usually effected when water intrudes, there are many different methods for the drying and cleaning process. While one way to dry an item and remove any water or dampness may be good for the kitchen floor, an entirely different method may be required to handle the water in the living room because of the variety in floor coverings you may have in your home.

Another issue you may have will be the order in which to address the items that have been exposed to water. Different types of products will require you to change the order of steps in the restoration process a bit to ensure that the condition of the items are restored back to their original state as best as can be done.

We Want to Help

We know how detrimental it is that these processes are handled properly and in the correct order for every specific item that was effected in your home. We understand the value you put on each of your personal possessions and want to do what we can to help salvage as much of your life as we can.

If you have suffered a water intrusion in your home, we know how helpless you may feel at the moment and we are ready to step in and help you pick up the pieces so that you can get back to your life as quickly and as unaffected as possible.

Flood Damage? No Problem, We Can Fix It!

The Dread that is Flood Damage

Experiencing an intrusion of unwanted water in your home is bad enough, but when it is flood related, it seems that the water related issues are always a bit more severe.

Most materials that are used on the interior portion of your home, as well as the items that are kept inside, are not made to withstand the harsh effects that water can bring when contact is made.

If the flood water has an opportunity to stand for a period of time in your home, the chances of more severe damage taking place will greaten even more so. The deterioration process that will soon follow may cause collateral damage before you even have a chance to begin the drying process.


Preparation is Usually Not An Option

Flood damage is responsible for more money spent by the government each year to provide relief of home owner’s who have become victims of natural disasters than any other events that have been responsible for creating turmoil for property owners.

One reason that the threat of a flood can be so destructive is that there is little preparation that can be done ahead of time. Most floods usually take place as a result of an emergency brought on by unforeseen forces of nature or an unexpected accident in the home such as a pipe bursting.

The following can contribute to flooding in the home:

  • Water level of a nearby body of water such as a pond or lake rising
  • Plumbing pipes freezing and bursting
  • Sewer drain or related lines backing up
  • Excessive water accumulating in the basement or crawl space as a result of heavy rains

Like much anything else that could possibly pose a threat, there are preventative measures that you can take that can reduce the chances of your home falling victim to a flood, or at least reduce the amount of damage that make take place.

However, there is no way to guarantee that your home will always be protected from water if flooding around your home does occur. Mother nature has a way of doing what she wants when she wants, and there is always a chance that your home may fall directly into her path of destruction.

While maintaining your home is an excellent way to reduce the threat of one day falling victim to a flood in your own home, you should still be prepared for the worst and have a plan of action in case the event of a flood should ever come to your door step.

What to Do When A Flood Takes Place

The absolute most important thing when flooding occurs is the safety of you and your loved ones. It is important that you be sure that you and your family is out of harm’s way before addressing any issues that you may have with your home. Once safety is no longer a concern, it is time to turn your attention to the house.

The following steps should be taken when an event has occurred that has caused flooding in your home:

  • Locate the entry point for the water and do what you can to block it so that no further water will be permitted to come into your home.
  • Contact your local authorities to see if some outside assistance may be provided. This will be especially helpful if emergency sandbagging is required.
  • Notify your insurance company right away so that a claim can get started.
  • Remove the water and begin the cleaning/drying process before any long term damage takes place.

These steps just mentioned are no easy task. Each one can prove to be quite challenging and without help, you may find yourself overwhelmed rather quickly with a feeling that there is too much on your plate. The fact that you have probably never had to deal with an emergency on this level before does not help a bit.

Call us and let us provide you with the help and support that you need. We will not only come into your home and provide you with quality service in removing water and cleaning all affected items, but we will also give you peace of mind by helping you deal with your insurance company and any other people that may be involved in the process.

Dealing with the Effects of Fire Damage

Fire Damage and Your Home


Your home is more than just a place that you reside. It is where some of the most important events in your life will take place and it is where your most valuable possessions are kept.

When tragedy falls on your home and it’s contents in the form of a house fire, you stand to loose more than just walls and a roof. You are threatened with loosing items that may collect memories for you or loved ones that have been lost to the past.

The effects that fire damage can have should not be taken lightly, especially when it comes to your own safety and the safety of your loved ones. If a fire has taken place in your home, there is a good chance that it is no longer a safe place for your family to stay until the damage has been removed and the effected area has been properly disinfected.

Multiple Threats for Damage

When a house fire has taken place, the resulting damage left behind consists of more than just what the flames did themselves. There are several different kinds of issues that will come about as you assess the damage that has taken place in your home.

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is one of the most overlooked issues for home owners that can occur in a home. However, this attitude towards what smoke is capable of will change quickly when a home owner experiences it in there own home.

Many people do not even realize that smoke damage exists until the faint odor that sets in comes about. Once the smell has made it’s presence known, it can be quite challenging to remove it from your home.

Opening windows and doors and utilizing fans to motivate fresh air throughout the home may provide a huge help in many cases, but it often requires a very detailed and lengthy process to remove smoke odors from the home for good.

Smoke remediation professionals have many tricks to addressing this issue, and some of them require quite a bit of skill to be performed properly. Most processes will include a thorough cleaning of all duct work connected to the heat and air unit in your home. The process that is required for your own home will be determined by how much smoke damage has taken place and what the source of the smoke was to begin with.

Soot Damage

Soot is another afterthought that is usually overlooked immediately following a fire taking place in a home. However, as the cleaning process begins to take place, soot will make it’s presence known very quickly.

Soot can usually be identified on walls and ceilings quite easily, showing as black smears that appear as if coal dust has been wiped onto surfaces throughout your home.

Qualified Help is Necessary

Until you have experienced smoke damage and the horrific issues it can bring with it in your own home, you may not understand or agree with this statement.

However, if you have been a victim of smoke damage in the past or are one currently and have exhausted any and all ideas and tips that people have suggested to remove the damage yourself, it may be time to call us.

We have trained professionals that specialize in removing any and all smoke related issues the right way the first time.

We have the tools that will be necessary to remove any type of smoke damage without creating further issues that otherwise would linger on for several months.

The Correct Response to Mold Damage

Mold Damage, No Small Issue


Some of the biggest problems that a home owner may ever have to face are possibly not even visible. The threat of mold damage is one such thing. If given the opportunity to linger for a long period of time and spread over quite a bit of space, mold can create a large number of problems.

The concept of mold in the home seems pretty insignificant to most people, as it is commonly associated with small dark spots that are found on the surfaces of areas such as bathrooms. However, anyone that has actually experienced mold in their homes on a grand scale will offer up warnings of severe damage that was quite difficult to get rid of.

One of the things that makes the development and spread of mold so easy is the fact that it can take place silently, usually leaving home owners completely unaware that there is even a problem until the small issue has become a very large one.

An Ideal Breeding Ground

Mold thrives on moist climates, so an ideal breeding ground for this sort of pest would be a place that has water or excessive moisture present. If you have water leaks in your home, or if you have poor air circulation in rooms where water is run such as bathrooms, then your home may be very inviting for something such as mold.

A large number of claims are filed to insurance companies each year by home owners as a result of mold damage. One of the leading reasons for this is that there are many ways for water to leak and rest in your home without being noticed for quite a bit of time. Pipes that channel water through homes that are out of site, such as the ones for your plumbing, can leak water. The roof is another source for small water leaks that may go undiscovered for periods of time. These unseen issues with water in your home will lead to issues with mold before you even know that they are there.

No Small Threat

If an issue with mold gets out of hand, it is possible that some demolition may be involved in the effected rooms. Depending on the level it has spread, removing the mold may require building materials being replaced.

While this is no small task, it is also not the primary threat that mold brings with it. Mold can create health issues for you and any other occupants of the home, and sometimes these issues can become quite severe.


The following are some examples of how the presence of mold can effect your health:

  • Can cause allergic reactions.
  • Can cause respiratory infections that are very similar to severe asthma attacks.
  • Can cause sinus infections that will require medical treatment to cure.
  • Has been known to be responsible for many cases of Bronchitis.

Don’t Underestimate Removal Process

The removal process that is required when dealing with a mold infestation can be quite tedious. There is a science to doing it right and if the formula is not followed correctly, the entire problem may never actually be removed. This means that you will have to continually spend time and money on the problem, which simply doesn’t make sense.

Our company has just what you need to remedy your mold problem once and for all. We have the professional tools necessary to do the job right, and we have extensive knowledge of how to remove the mold without creating any further damage to your home. We may even be able to salvage some things that would have otherwise been a total loss.

While some issues around the home can be done by someone untrained, the assessment and removal of mold is definitely not one of them. Besides the fact that you could do further damage to the structural integrity of your home, there is also the health risk that is involved. Our trained professionals have the protective measures already in place and are ready to make your home a safe place again for you and your family.

How to Prepare for Emergency Storms and What To Do When An Emergency Occurs


The Eye of Storm Damage

The effort put into surviving a catastrophic storm can be incredible, overwhelming for most. many are fortunate to escape the related dangers with their lives. With additional luck, many will even be able to say that their homes weathered the storm unscathed as well.

Sadly, this is not the story of many unfortunate victims of catastrophic size storms. These storms bring with them tools that can wreak havoc on a home. High speed winds married to heavy downpours of rain combine to threaten new cases of severe water damage for many home owners every year.

Prepare for the Worst

In many cases nowadays, it is far easier to prepare for a severe storm before it ever arrives. We benefit greatly from modern technology that is much more advanced, and a strong media network that is available to get important information spread quickly about warnings of possible inclement weather.

The key to avoiding something as tragic as water damage in your home as the result of a severe storm is to pay attention to weather reports daily and have a plan of action in place in case you should ever need to implement it.

Some areas are more prone to experiencing severe storms that produce damaging winds and hard rain, but it is important to always be ready for the worst regardless of where you live.

If you live in an area that is being warned of a possible catastrophic storm in the making, there are some things that you can do to prepare your home to stand up to what might come. Naturally, these things should only be put into place once you are sure that you have time to get yourself and your loved ones to safety.

If a severe storm is headed your way, there are some preventative measures that you can take to help reduce the chances of your home falling victim to water damage.

  • Cover up any glass windows or doors with plywood. This will prevent damaging winds from breaking glass and allowing hard rains to flood your home with water.
  • If you are in a flood zone or are concerned about water flowing into your home, you may want to build a barrier wall around your home with sandbags. This process takes some time, so you should seek help from friends or neighbors if possible.
  • If you have a basement or crawl space that is known for flooding easily, you may want to place some pumps in those areas that will be ready to automatically turn on and begin removing unwanted water if flooding should begin to occur.

There are many more things that you can do to reduce the chances of your home suffering from the invasion of water if a catastrophic storm is coming, and these suggestions are a great place to start. Whether you have not had enough warning to get preventative measures in place, or you did but water was able to penetrate the barriers you created anyways, water damage may still occur.

Assess and Address the Damage Right Away


If you have fallen victim to a catastrophic storm and your home is in need of repair, it is important that you act right away. You will want to call your insurance company and notify them of your situation, and then you will need to get your home out of any further harm’s way.

If the storm has left your home damaged, there is a strong possibility that additional damage may take place if more storms come in soon. The damaged areas of your home must be covered so that no further outdoor elements are allowed inside.

From this point on, you will want to address the removal of any water in your home right away so that you can hopefully prevent any deterioration process of building materials or items that have come in contact with the water. This will also be necessary to avoid any mold related issues from forming as a result of the water or damp air inside the home.

This entire process can prove to be quite difficult and should be handled by a team of professionals that can get on site quickly and get to work right away in stopping any further damage from occurring and getting the water removed so that repairs can begin as soon as possible.

Give us a call and allow us to provide you with an amazing experience. You have already been through a traumatic experience, and the last thing that you need is any further stress related to the damage that the storm has caused. If it would be of assistance, we can even help you with the communication process with your insurance company.

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Dealing with water damage can be a stressful experience, and most home owners do not have any experience in dealing with the issues that can come from water being present in the home.

The cleanup, drying, and repair process must be done right before you can get back to your life and the situation is extremely time sensitive.

Call us now and allow us to provide you with peace of mind by taking this off of your plate. Our experts are trained and seasoned professionals that will treat you with courtesy and respect, and will provide you with the very best service in the industry.

We will not stop until you are completely satisfied with the results.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No job is too big or too small for one of our teams to handle.

Time is a resource that you cannot afford to waste, so let’s get started today in assessing and addressing any damages that your home or business has suffered.